The minister of culture

The currentl minister of culture ist Heinrich Gartentor.

The Minister of Culture Heinrich Gartentor

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What is the Ministry of Culture?

  • The is the mouthpiece of
    all those who support a lively, colourful and contemporary cultural
    life in Switzerland.

  • The is concerned about a critical debate on
    culture in Switzerland. It is designed to help embody culture in
    society and politicsand to strengthen the position of culture.
  • The encourages cultural diversity in Switzerland. It develops ideas and visions for a cultural future.
  • The supports the freedom and independence of
    those working in the cultural sector and the free development of their
  • The watches over the unconditional validity
    of Art. 21 of the Federal Constitution which states that «The freedom
    of art is guaranteed».
  • The is devoted to the service of culture and works closely with artists’ associations in Switzerland.