urbanNovember is a movement and network of urban culture in Aberdeen (Scotland), founded 2004.
urbanNovember celebrates urban culture and the values of tolerance, diversity and inclusion.
urbanNovember aims to bring urban culture in Aberdeen to broad recognition:
  • by bringing together the positive energy of existing urban culture,
  • by welcoming the different artistic, social, ethnic, and other roots of urban culture
  • by encouraging a wide range of new manifestations of urban culture,
  • by linking existing and emerging, established and experimental initiatives of urban culture,
  • by communicating the acts of urban culture to the public.
SoundAsArt -- the blurring of the boundaries was a conference cum exhibition at Aberdeen University on sound art, with talks, installations, and performances by Jonty Harrison, Karen Hay, Patrick Keenan, Christina Kubisch, Prof_Lofi, Rajesh Mehta, Keith Rowe, Rohan de Saram, Pete Stollery, Giancarlo Toniutti, James Wyness, and more...

In 2005 urbanNovember worked on the topic of the (at least in Aberdeen) omnipresent Oil & Gas industry. Artists and audience investigated the impacts of this global industry on the Scottish Oil Capital Aberdeen. The results of Oil and the City were presented in November and December at Aberdeen Maritime Museum:
  • A sound installation by Bill Thompson featuring electronically altered sounds from an oil plattform
  • Vegetables, pictures and tools from Duncan Hart's investigations into a live without oil
  • A documentary with interviews with six people who live in or with the oil industry, produced by New Social Art School (featuring Eva Merz, Anne-Britt Rage, Kristina Lauche)
Aberdeen Urban Atlas was the main project in 2004, a non-curated exhibition in search of the manifestations of urban culture in Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland.