What is p&s culture net?

The Idea

Keep moving, don´t commit yourself, and don´t sacrifice! This is the threefold post-modern imperative as coined by US sociologist Richard Sennett. To plan ones future, these days, means remaining mobile and keeping ones options open. The pilgrim and the surfer alike are exponents of this mobility - while they could not be more oppositional. While the surfer floats agilely, flexibly and playfully over the surfaces of an indefinite horizon, the pilgrim pounds the hard soil, setting one step after another, steadily approaching the end of his pilgrimage, a goal to achieve.

The General Framework

p&s culture net comprises individuals and organisations. Current member organisations are: p&s luzern (Switzerland), p&s melk (Austria), and surfpilgrim, Aberdeen (Schottland).

Cooperating with p&s culture net

The arts managers of p&s culture net are responsible for regional and European arts projects. p&s has specialist knowledge of the arts sector (literature in particular). p&s has excellent connections to other artists, organisations and associations. p&s initiates its own projects or manages projects for third parties.